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Did you know that grants for online college are the same grants available to students that attend brick-and-mortar institutions? That’s right – every education is equal in the eyes of the government, regardless of location or class structure (provided that you and the school both qualify to receive the funds). So if you thought that finances would hold you back from getting the degree of your dreams, think again – fill out those applications ASAP!

Grants for Online College – A Basic Qualification Checklist

Not every college is eligible to receive federal financial aid – your school of choice must be legitimately accredited and enrolled in the federal grant program. The university’s website should clearly state if they accept aid, but always do some extra research just to make sure. Never give any money to a school until you have talked with a live representative to discuss payment.

Here is a short list of factors that may influence whether you are eligible to receive grants for online college:

– You have a high school diploma or equivalent
– You have demonstrated significant financial need
– Your parent’s income (if you are under the age of 24)
– You do not owe a refund on past grants and are not in default on a federal loan
– You intend to enroll at least part time in a degree-eligible curriculum
– You have submitted your FAFSA application by the deadline

These are only a handful of the qualifications. Your actual eligibility depends on a complicated formula decided by the federal government or other grant-awarding organization. Even if you do not satisfy all of the above requirements you should apply anyways – the results may surprise you! If you decide that you do not want or need the grants for online college, you are never under any obligation to accept them.

Your grant package may not be enough to cover the full cost of tuition, but the FAFSA application also happens to qualify you for great deals on government-subsidized student loans. Student loans are usually written to much more agreeable terms than standard loans – they’re designed especially for busy students who have yet to start their careers.

Stay safe on your search for school funding by getting your information straight from your admissions representative – these professionals are the only people who are qualified to tell you if your financial aid package will be honored. Grants for online college are well within your reach; all you have to do is apply and wait!

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